The Chinese Government implemented several sector-focused policies under the “common prosperity” agenda. Sectors such as education, gaming, and internet platform operators were most affected. In this podcast, we discuss the impact of some of these policies and how investors can navigate through the changes.

  • What kind of recovery to expect for the Chinese economy? Is it an L shaped, V shaped, or check-mark shaped recovery?
  • Has China formally decoupled their monetary and fiscal policy from that of western economies and what does that mean for the Chinese A Share market this year?
  • Equity investment only accounts for less than 5% of family household assets in China, when will local investors becoming more bullish on domestic equities again?
  • How to blend top-down macro research with bottom-up stock selection in the investment process to navigate China market?
  • Could there be more policy support measures before the Communist Party National Congress meeting in autumn?
  • What is the impact of Russian-Ukrainian conflict have on the Chinese economy?

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