A growth biased, China domiciled (Shanghai), strategy that comprises of our best ideas and seeks to outperform across different economic cycles and market conditions.

Our edge

  • Highly experienced and locally based research team.
  • Utilises a top down and bottom up approach which is well adapted to the local market in order to capture alpha in different economic cycles.
  • Aims to identify growth drivers early to create high conviction portfolio.
  • Institutional quality investment processes.
  • International standard trading and operations.

Investment Philosophy

  • Opportunities exist in both a top down and bottom up approach to finding mispriced stocks and sectors to generate superior long-term returns
  • We seek to identify sustainable growth opportunities and exploit inefficiencies in the China A-share market due to variable research coverage, local investors short-term horizon and large retail presence in the China A-share market

Investment Approach

  • We combine top down macro and sector analysis with bottom up stock selection
  • We seek companies with strong growth profiles, high quality earnings and credible management
  • We provide a concentrated 30 -50 best ideas portfolio with a bias to quality growth companies across all capitalisation

Investment Process

  • Screen investment universe using proprietary quantitative scorecard and qualitative filters
  • Determine sector allocation according to top down macro view and strategic growth drivers
  • Identify winning companies through rigorous fundamental research and analysis
  • Construct portfolio to reflect sector preferences and conviction in stocks, with risk oversight.


ESG is embedded within our research process and factored in our careful bottom-up, fundamental analysis of companies and in the eventual stock selection process. ESG evaluation of companies is a consideration for our research analysts at the start of the investment process as part of our quantitative and qualitative screens. We screen companies for good governance, as well as other aspects including social and environmental responsibility to form a holistic view on a business.

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