Japan’s aging demographics are forcing Japanese corporates to prioritise shareholders. Ongoing corporate restructuring has also resulted in 50% of non-financial Japanese corporates having net cash on their balance sheet, far higher than the rest of the world and leading to record level of dividend payouts even during the pandemic. In this podcast, In this podcast, we point out why investing in Japan can be rewarding for value driven, bottom-up stock pickers.

  • Why investors remain skeptical about the Japan’s post-pandemic recovery. Is that skepticism justified and what will trigger a mindset change?
  • Given that value is off to a strong start in 2022 due to the ongoing cyclical recovery, rising inflation, and a hawkish US Fed, what’s the potential for value driven opportunities in Japan?
  • What specifically about smaller companies in Japan that looks interesting at this point in the recovery?
  • How do Japanese corporates compare with developed peers with regards to carbon reduction targets?
  • If inflation were to continue to rise in Japan, what would be the impact on Japanese corporates?

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