How big is Asia’s green infrastructure gap and how will governments bridge that gap? What is needed to catalyse the growth of Asia’s sustainable bond market and where are the most attractive opportunities? In this podcast, we examine one of the most important themes in finance today – the convergence between returns seeking investment and providing capital to companies that want to make a transition to a cleaner, safer, and more socially inclusive world.

  • What is “green bonds” and is there a different between “green bonds and sustainable bonds” or can those terms be used interchangeably?
  • What is the current green infrastructure gap in Asia and why are the opportunities in green infrastructure an even bigger “deal” for Asia?
  • How is Asia bridging that gap and do the high levels of Asian government debt in some countries limit the government’s ability to finance future green investments?
  • Where are the attractive sustainable bond opportunities that investors can look out for?
  • Do Asia’s sustainable bonds command a greenium and what does this mean for investors?

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